Aesthetics by Design at Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery Center Offers Unique Skin Care Treatment Package for Better Results

Director of Skincare Beryl Reker combines two effective skin resurfacing techniques

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Aesthetics by Design, a boutique skin care company housed within the Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery Center, has introduced a unique treatment combination to improve skin texture and tone. Designed by Director of Skincare Beryl Reker, PMA, the package may produce better results than either treatment on its own.

Fractora™ works to improve superficial skin tone problems (such as photo damage) as well as deep textural concerns (including wrinkles and age-related sagging and stretching) by delivering targeted bipolar radio frequency energy to various selectable depths in the skin. Meanwhile, UltraPulse® CO2 lasers resurface the skin with an exceptionally wide safety margin and the lowest chance of side effects among similar treatments. These lasers offer a broad range of settings to adjust texture, tone and pigment inconsistencies. And although both of these treatments are used on their own by aestheticians around the country, Aesthetics by Design has taken results to the next level by combining both procedures into one extraordinary skin resurfacing package.

“I am proud to have created such an effective skincare treatment package for my clients,” says Reker. “I encourage anyone seeking to reverse the visible signs of aging to call us and schedule a consultation. The results of this treatment combination are sure to impress.”

Fractora and UltraPulse CO2 lasers combined in a single session can result in appreciative changes to the skin, including tightening, thickening, evening out tone and texture, and even improving the results of dyschromias (discoloration, such as light or dark patches) related to aging. To learn more and find out if this package is right for you, call 303-866-0180 to schedule an appointment with Aesthetics by Design.
Aesthetics by Design’s mission is to provide clients with expert knowledge and care, especially with regard to anti-aging, age prevention and acne treatments. The goal of the practice is to provide a customized concierge-like service and act as the ultimate provider in the planning and execution of each client’s skin care program. Aestheticians map out each journey and provide recommendations and the information, treatments and products necessary to achieve skin care goals.

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