Microdermabrasion Denver

Microdermabrasion is a great solution for minimizing the results of aging, leaving your skin feeling vibrant and glowing.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive dermabrasion procedure that exfoliates and removes the topmost layer of skin, leaving it supple and vibrant. This skin rejuvenation facial treatment at the Aesthetics by Design skin care clinic gently polishes the skin by lifting dead skin cells off the surface, exposing a brighter and smoother skin. Microdermabrasion clinical skin care treatment also stimulates the dermis of the skin, promoting new, healthy cell growth, as well as collagen production plus skin tightening. There is no “down-time” and results can be seen immediately, although the best improvement will be seen after the third or fourth treatment.

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Who can benefit from Microdermabrasion?

Any individual who would like to achieve healthier-looking skin can benefit from microdermabrasion. This skin rejuvenation treatment can be as superficial or as aggressive as your skin care goals are. An occasional treatment each year or before special events will leave you looking refreshed and rejuvenated. A more aggressive approach, involving at home skin-care as well as more frequent microdermabrasions, will help reduce the signs of aging, fade acne scarring and lighten pigmentation problems.

Understanding Microdermabrasion

There are two methods of microdermabrasion procedures: 1) a crystal or powder based treatment and 2) mechanical microdermabrasion using an abrasive surface passed over the skin. The crystal based systems apply oxide crystals under pressure to the skin surface but are generally less effective and much ‘messier’ due to powder embedding into clothing and hair. Mechanical microdermabrasion “gently” sands away debris from the skin’s surface utilizing an advanced diamond tipped wand. At Aesthetics by Design medical spa Denver microdermabrasion is performed using the Diamondtome™ Microdermabrator). Diamondtome™ is the medical grade version of Altair’s diamond wand microdermabrasion system only available through physician-directed skin care centers. Prior to your microdermabrasion one of our medical aestheticians will first complete a comprehensive skin care evaluation to assess your unique skincare needs. Treatments begin with a thorough cleansing and degreasing of the skin. This prepares the outer layers of your skin for the treatment. The desired areas to be treated are then passed over with the diamond-tipped wand in a cross-hatch, grind-like pattern. to “slough off” dead skin cells, while a vacuum suctions the debris through the center of the wand. After the microdermabrasion, extractions of clogged pores are completed as needed. We complete the procedure by applying a moisturizer and sun block. The treatment time for the entire face is about 30 to 40 minutes. The Diamondtome treatment provides exceptional results. Come in to our Denver skin care medispa and see for yourself.

What to expect during and after Microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion is a very well-tolerated, simple and pain-free procedure leaving you with a more beautiful glow in less than one hour. No premedication with topical anesthetics is required. Make-up may be applied right after the treatment and you may resume most activities immediately. A mild degree of redness is expected to last a day or two following the treatment. You may experience drying or light peeling a day or two after the treatment. A gentle moisturizer can be applied as often as needed. Stop the use of retinols, salicylic and glycolic acids for 3-5 days post microdermabrasion. Avoidance of direct sun exposure for one week and the daily use of a sun block is necessary.

For more information visit the official Altair Instruments – Diamondtome website.

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