About Face: Real Client Stories – Lori

For more than 20 years, Lori has trusted and visited Beryl for numerous treatments, including ultraviolet light treatment, Fractora revitalizing skin treatments, MicroNeedling, Fractional CO2 Laser treatments and most recently FemTouch™ CO2 Laser for vaginal health.

Lori shares that while FemTouch™ may be an awkward or embarrassing procedure for some people to discuss, the team at Aesthetics by Design is completely comfortable talking with patients about it and in fact, discusses this popular procedure quite frequently. Lori encourages anyone considering FemTouch™ to schedule a consult to talk with Beryl.

FemTouch™ is a vaginal laser treatment for rejuvenation and most importantly, vaginal health. This quick, non-invasive treatment leaves no downtime and little-to-no discomfort. More and more women are turning to FemTouch™ for eliminating the symptoms and signs of vaginal atrophy, including dryness, pain during intercourse, burning and itching, and urinary incontinence. The procedure can be internal only, or an internal and external procedure, depending on client’s needs and preference. Lori had the internal and external procedure.

Lori had experienced atrophy in her vaginal walls, making intercourse painful. The FemTouch™ procedure provided extra moisture to the vaginal walls and now intercourse is no longer painful for her.

“When I heard Beryl was bringing the FemTouch™ procedure to Aesthetics by Design, I was excited to try it,” says Lori. “I suspected there would be no downside to trying it, and I was correct. I’ve only seen benefits. Beryl made the entire procedure comfortable and easy for me.”

Eliminating urinary incontinence was another huge benefit of this procedure for Lori. She is very physically active with running, gym workouts, dog walking and various other cardio activities. Since her FemTouch™ procedure, Lori can now do these activities without any embarrassing accidents.

Lori says the procedure does not hurt and she actually made a 10-hour car drive one day after having the procedure. “I had a bit of swelling, but nothing to stop me from my car trip or exercise routine,” Lori says. “I also took my dog for a three-mile walk the day after a procedure.”

Lori has had two FemTouch™ procedures, with six weeks in between procedures. She plans to have additional procedures to continue increasing the results she’s seen thus far.

Lori recommends anyone considering FemTouch™ to contact Beryl and anyone at Aesthetics by Design, as the entire team is extremely knowledgeable and very supportive of questions.