SculpSure Stories: Melt my FAT

Middle age has changed by body forever! I am a mom of three boys and while I work out three to four times a week, I still have a few “stubborn” areas – namely my flanks and belly. No matter how hard or often I work out the weight in those areas just won’t go away – and I know that I am not the only person in my shoes! Who else is hiding under their clothes? I know you are all nodding your heads in agreement.

I recently had the pleasure of attending our staff training for SculpSure. Our trainer, Jacquie Bond, was terrific. She explained that all of us have a little extra “goodness” (fat) on our bodies. I am thin; most people would not think that I have any extra “goodness,” believe me I DO! Since I turned 45, I have gotten really good at hiding my extra “goodness” under my clothing – but it’s still there.

SculpSure is the newest non-surgical fat reducing device on the market. It’s not about losing weight, but about reducing the fat in specific areas or spots. – and it only takes 25 minutes! In less than half an hour, SculpSure reduces the fat up to 24 percent in the area that it treats. Sign me up!

One reason I immediately felt drawn to SculpSure treatment has since been voiced by two women I know of a certain age (above 50) who came in for consults this week and booked their treatment. They both said that they feel they cannot AFFORD to lose significant weight because of the fact that our faces take the brunt of the weight loss by becoming sunken and showing more wrinkles. By getting SculpSure, we are able to target that exact area where the fat is lingering without going on a weight-loss program that will show more in our faces than anywhere else. Like other ladies, I am not interested in losing more weight at the cost of looking ten years older.

During our training session, our staff who will be performing the procedure learned how to identify who is a good candidate for SculpSure, how to place the plastic frames, hook up the laser, and perform the treatment itself. Picture our staff—pinching each other’s “goodness,” looking at different parts of our bodies, placing and redoing the plastic frames! It was a sight. Placement of the plastic frames is trickier than what I originally thought. Knowing how to get the best treatment is based upon the placement of the plastic frames. Our staff got really good by the end of our training! But what we really learned that day was that we each have areas that bother us, regardless of our shape or size.

The best part of our training? I was able to have a treatment! I was able to experience firsthand what the SculpSure treatment felt like, and I will be able see the results for myself. Our staff placed the plastic frames that hold the applicators on my flanks (love handles) so I had two plastic frames on each side. They hooked up the applicators and I was ready to go. When they started the procedure, I have to say that I was a little nervous. I was not exactly sure what to expect. The first four minutes is the start-up phase. It felt cool, almost cold at first. Then the applicators warmed up. When the first four minutes were over, I thought the device might get hot. It never did. It was warm, but never hot. I was very comfortable. I only felt warmth – No pain. No tingle. No redness. Those 25 minutes flew by. Truly, before I knew it, I was done. It was easy-peasy.

I am now two weeks out from the treatment and so excited to start seeing the results in the next four to ten weeks. It takes six to twelve weeks to see the results, and I am thrilled to have my fat, flabby flanks permanently gone. I do not want to carry around my extra “goodness” anymore. I am ready to stop hiding under my clothes.

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